Some more points to note about Black Russian Terrier behaviour

 It is very important to show strictness, justice and succession during training of Black Russian Terrier and, what is more important, be patient and self-possessed. The moment you will apply physical strength or rough compulsion towards him, he will become persistent saboteur and abominable stubborn. You have to finish training, get yourself calm and only then start everything from the very beginning. Black Russian Terrier is rational, practical and sly personality, besides this rather stubborn and very strong, he can lead the trainer to hysterics. He doesn’t want to understand why he should climb up the stairs or beam, if he can easily walk round this obstacle.

 Black Russian Terrier is one of those dogs that will follow their owner to any hole, if it is possible. He is great in swimming, he can get far and be in water for a long time. He often saves people from the water. This quality came from his ancestor Newfoundland.

 In protection Black Russian Terrier excels his ancestors, initial breeds’ dogs, by many parameters. He is larger and more massive than Giant Schnauzer, with strong bite, nordic character, he is better in appraisal of the situation, reaction and attack speed.

 Laconism and sense of limit differs him profitably from excessively aggressive and often rash Rottweiler. While guarding the master or a thing, when sudden attack method is used, he scares a person, but never pursue, chase him. He won’t go far from the guarding object, so that to be in time when the new threat appears. In addition, his offensive look and large size, and criminal no longer wants even to try. One shouldn’t approach Black Russian Terrier training spontaneously, it is better to appeal to specialist, that will recommend experienced trainer. Correcting a defect of training is vain work, this dog breed couldn’t be retrained.

 Inexperienced owners shouldn’t be embarrassed by affectionateness of little Black Russian Terrier, his love to all people coming in the house. It is normal. Highly developed guarding instinct inherited genetically will obviously appear in critical situation, that’s why it isn’t advised to develop the anger in puppy’s age. It can be the reason why you won’t be able to cope with his aggression in future. Anybody should remember that Black Russian Terrier stays in puppy’s age during rather long time. To tease a puppy is the same with teasing a child.

 Dogs were much more spiteful and aggressive than now. Thus time is passing and today military dog doesn’t needed. Besides, keeping Black Russian Terriers in departmental kennels isn’t an easy thing because of their luxury thick and long hair care. Though individual open-air cage keeping for Black Russian Terrier is quite acceptable.

 It is not a secret that now the stress in stock-breeding is actually moving from working qualities to conformation. While reaching spectacular outer look useful qualities are lost, discrepancies between appearance and essence, dog’s purpose are seen. From generation to generation disadvantages grow, and with a span of time become huge changes of physical and mental breed state. Therefore, a new dog appears. Passion for conformation will sooner or later lead to impossibility to use a dog according to its purpose. Breeders and heads of sections should constantly explain to Black Russian Terrier owners the necessity of training and testing of working qualities. Apprehensive dogs should be excepted from breeding so that they can’t sire apprehensive puppies. Black Russian Terrier shouldn’t become decorative dog. There are many decorative large breeds in the world. Well-brought-up, trained Black Russian Terrier  is effective, strong, tactful and very reliable dog, who makes his owner be proud and makes other people admire.

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