Behaviour and mettle

  Black Russian Terrier is a dog with great dignity, self-confident, well controlled in any situation. He immediately takes an active defensive position in extreme conditions, but quickly calms when the danger disappears.

 Black Russian Terrier has excellent health, hardy, unpretentious, charming, smart and friendly. He is easy adapting to different climatic conditions, well trainable, efficient and reliable. Black Russian Terrier almost doesn’t bark, if only it is necessary. This dog breed differs from others by dominant type of character, that’s why the dog needs strong and self-confident owner which will bring up him in hardness but never forget about love.

 He is very clever dog, easily trained and very devoted. Though his devotion in conjunction with suspicion can have negative consequences, that’s why the socialization of this dog in early age is very important. In other case any communication of Black Russian Terrier with unknown people can become a big problem.

 The puppies of Black Russian Terrier dog breed are very nice and attractive. They become adult late and usually mature only about being two years old, this fact should be taken into consideration while training Black Russian Terrier.

 The dogs of this breed get on well with children if they grow up together. Black Russian Terrier needs communication and close relationships with people.

 Despite the fact that Black Russian Terrier can live in peace with other pets it isn’t advised to keep this breed with other large dominant dog. These dogs will prefer to live with animals that will consider themselves part of the family but won’t set their rules and fight for territory.

 The balanced character and good working qualities allow to use these dogs not only for guarding but for other services therefore the breed can be considered as universal. Black Russian Terrier is good both for protecting your home and for cheerful games with children. He is very communicative dog, he is benevolent to guests if the master is benevolent too. He is quite tolerant to other dogs and moreover tends to patronage over smaller ones - either a child or an animal. Black Russian Terrier does not use without need his inherent malignancy and just prefers to keep on opponent at a distance. All the owners of Black Russian Terrier are sure that he is completely significant dog - both by his appearance and working qualities and what’s major by his amazing character. Communicating with Black Russian Terrier people can’t stop admiring their nearly human mind, cleverness and self-esteem. They differ from other breeds by their extremely delicate understanding of humans. They not only great in training but often show themselves spacious intellect in unexpected situations. Many people say that a dog should act at the command of owner in any case. Though as practice shows Black Russian Terrier can himself assess the situation and choose the right line of action without any hint or command of human.

 Black Russian Terrier is large, strong and tough. He is suspicious to strangers and rather aggressive, courageous and self-confident dog. He has well-developed musculature and heavy bone, proportional frame. His body shape is usually square or close to square.

 Despite the fact that Black Russian Terrier has already received huge recognition and expansion in many countries all over the world, this breed isn’t yet usual for all. Many people take him as Newfoundland, overgrown Riesenschnauzer and even giant  Poodle.