Spheres where Black Russian Terrier is best in

 First, Black Russian Terrier was a guardian dog in prisons, police and army. Nowadays he lives mostly in families. He is an active participant of dog shows. Black Russian Terriers are very large dogs, massive, quite aggressive, energetic and lively. Getting such dog one should be aware of necessity of his correct breeding and further training.

 Sizes, strength and energy of the dog require stability and discipline. It is forbidden to trust his breeding to weak people, such as children, old people and sick people. 6 months old Black Russian Terrier puppy can knock a man down on the way, with a push. Ten months old puppy, without preliminary training, shows rather actively guard qualities that he received genetically.

 Black Russian Terriers catch and learn the material quickly and willingly than other dogs in their age. They are calm, diligent and, at the same time rather active and tireless, quick to concentrate, attentive, good in work at random. Black Russian Terrier has many great qualities, but there is one that is priceless and unique. It is his gentle and attentive attitude to the owner. There are many dog breeds that adore their masters, but Black Russian Terrier truly excels them all. He will prefer the communication with a person he loves to any, probably the most cheerful games with other dogs.

 Due to this quality Black Russian Terrier studies practical skills of walking close, turns, callings very quickly, apports different things with pleasure. He permits terrible things to do - picking his teeth, wear muzzle on, giving an injection, comb and cut his hair. Black Russian Terrier shows sensitiveness and attitude to the children and cats that live with him, as well as to close people and friends, allowing them nearly everything. Still one shouldn’t be light-minded near unknown Black Russian Terrier, it can cause extremely unpleasant consequences.