How to feed Black Russian Terrier in a correct way

 A few words about feeding. Nobody can tell definitely what is the best for feeding - natural food or specially engineered dry food for dogs. Of course, properly balanced natural food is better. But can you choose correctly all the necessary ingredients for your Dog? Many people rely on professional dry food created by the best nutritionists in the world. But there are many truly beautiful Black Russian Terriers that eat natural food.

 But in any case it should be admitted that many Black Russian Terriers don’t like to eat. You want to raise a large dog from a puppy (you’ve seen his parents and want to get the same), but he eats much less than you want to feed him and that makes you nervous and worried. Don’t be afraid, he will gain necessary weight with age. Steel if you have chosen dry food give him a treat of curds, meat and yogurt. That will diversify his food and he will eat better. But you shouldn’t think that decently eating Black Russian Terrier is a very economic dog. Because he eats much less you should feed him accordingly qualitatively. Besides that it should be mentioned that Black Russian Terrier is not only heavy large dog breed but also long-haired and working dogs. All this should be taken into consideration in the diet of your pet. You should choose correctly vitamin and mineral food additives considering all the above-listed.  

Feeding puppies.

 1. Large breed puppies need less quantity of calcium.

Scientific researches showed that large breed puppies that get much calories and calcium grow too fast. Frequently excessively fast growing can lead to uneven development of bone. Therefore, while feeding puppies of large breed you should consider their regular growth and normal development. This is the reason why the content of fats, calcium and phosphorus, which are necessary for large breed puppies, is calculated and balanced very precisely in pet food.

 2. Don’t feed up your puppies.

Many large breed puppies’ owners consider feeding up their pets something pleasant for them. But in most cases it can cause serious health problems of your puppies.  Despite what you are using as treat you should note that even effective minerals you give your pet in addition can break necessary balance of natural substances and matters. For example, the surplus of one mineral can become the reason why other minerals won’t be assimilated by the puppy’s organism. Too much quantity of calcium can lead to considerable large breeds puppies’ problems with growth. Food for puppies is specially worked on and balanced for this age group subject to peculiarities that all large breeds have. Therefore, your puppy will get all the necessary trace elements and minerals.

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