East-west feet of Black Russian Terrier

 There is a certain problem when cartilages and ligaments of locomotive system are not ready for their load. More often puppies and heavy dog breeds suffer from it. Here is the following causes of its appearance in puppy and young dogs’ age:

 1. Heredity. Find competent experienced dog expert, trainer or handler. Consult as for the bone structure - forelegs and rib cage.

2. Disbalance of calcium - phosphorus and/or lack of collagen that is usually seen while natural and mixed feeding. Balance of minerals is determined by biochemical analysis.

3. Great loads on the dog’s joints. Those are long time walks, movements down from the stairs, excess weight. Movement through the slippery or friable surfaces.

 Analyze what is the reason particular in your case. All dogs are individual that’s why consult with an experienced dog expert and a vet.

 General methodology of correction is that first you level the legs and only then begin to fasten the dog’s locomotive system making the load bigger gradually. It means:

 1. Taking off all the loads from the dog’s joints that is reducing the dog’s weight, the walks’ distance, no lowering down stairs, no draught harnesses with loads. They only worsen the situation when the east-west feet begins. Walking with the harness isn’t a good variant at all. It is hard to regulate by your hand the uniformity of the load’s weight on the forefeet, especially when it is a large dog breed. Draught harnesses with tyre can fix slack back and broaden the rib cage but the east-west feet will only worsen. No slippery surfaces at home and friable ones in the street. Your task is to make your dog put a foot always upright in every joint, and each friable surface can’t solve this problem.

 2. You  should also enlarge the consumption of collagen (glucosamine and chondroitin). It is raw material for cartilages and ligaments, the organism needs building materials for the correct forming of cartilages and strengthening of ligaments. At the same time calcium - phosphorus should be balanced.

 The correction will take from one to three months depending on the size of east-west feet and dog’s age. Only after the levelling of joint it is allowed to load the dog gradually. If the dog has already formed, still there is a chance for east-west feet to remain.

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