Black russian Terrier

Black Russian Terrier


After World War II the collective on the Central School of junior experts in utility dog breeding continued their work on raising and perfecting the total amount of dog livestock avaible at that time in this country. Among other tasks was the task of obtaining new breeds suitable for various services, such as guard-duty, prison camps, penal colonies and police forces etc.

As a result of many years work of the School with an activate participation of utility-dog breeding clubs attached to the Voluntary Society for Promoting Army, Aviation and Fleet (DOSAAF), a breed group was obtained followed by raising an independent breed black terrier.

Black terrier has been raised at the farm "Red Star" by a reproductive crossbreeding of proved, well matching and complementing each other stud breeds: riesenschnauzer, airedaleterrier, rottweiler and Moscow Water Dogs. Moscow water Dog was produced only in the Red Star kennels, crossing Caucasian Ovcharka, Newfoundland and German Shepherd. The breeding work was conducted in several directions:

1. Obtaining hybrids of riesenschnauzer and airedaleterrier.
2. Obtaining hybrids of riesenschnauzer and rottweiler.
3. Crossbreeding of the first and second trend hybrids followed by raising the breed it self.


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