Choosing Black Russian Terrier puppy

 It is better to take puppy from the breeder’s home, where he must show you the puppy’s mother and father, give you all genealogies, diploma and certificates, that confirm ranks and titles of puppy’s parents. Because of the fact that many dogs have hip dysplasia, ask the breeder to show you the resolution of puppy’s parents hip dysplasia absence (because it is genetic disease).

 While choosing a puppy pay your attention to the appearance of adult male and female, peculiarities of their behaviour and physical state, because doggies often resemble their parents. Get to know the Black Russian Terrier puppy weight and measurement scale and compare the rates of your chosen puppy with given measurements. Examine the puppy carefully. The hair should be black, skin should be without white spots, the male should have two testicles. Check if he has the right bite. Pay your attention to the temperament and behaviour characteristics. Unstable character can be the sign of mental and intellectual retardation. Puppy should be playful, active and curious. Healthy puppy should be well-fed and strong. Eyes are clear and shining, nose is wet. Skin is clean without any scratches.

 Puppy keeping conditions have huge meaning. The room should be clean, litters, dishes and toys also should be clean. Ask the breeder what was puppy fed with, what vitamins and pet food were used. Ask him to show you them. Get more accurate information about vermifuge measures, when and with the help of what they were held.

 While purchasing a puppy you get puppy card, veterinary certificate with vaccination indications. Every good breeder will help you to bring up a puppy. When purchasing puppy from kennel you get qualified help concerning growing, feeding and breeding your pet.

 You shouldn’t forget to ask breeder for a piece of rag or toy with notable smell of home, puppy’s mother, brothers and sisters. Put it near your Dog’s place for rest. There shouldn’t be any draught, or passage, or battery near it. Dogs prefer to sleep near your bed or balcony door very often. In general, they like to choose their place themselves, so if you want to insist on your choice, you will have to try hard.