Short history of the breed

Guarding dogs till the end of 40th were presented almost exclusively by european breeds which were not big mostly and adapted to the comparatively mild climate. The USSR needed a little bit different type of dogs that would be bigger, physically strong, hardy, adapted to the severe climate, suitable for guarding, patrolling and protecting. The dog should have strong type of constitution, be large, brave, strong, with coarse thick hair, have well-balanced nervous system, good sense and hearing and be easily trained. It should be such dog that is ready to serve for protection in each climatic zone of the huge country. One or another of signs and qualities listed had different breeds. A dog that had all the advantages mentioned above was expected to appear.

During the solution of the given problem by complicated cross breedings there were created four typy groups. Later only two of them Moscow Watchdog and Black Terrier have got status of breeds. Original breeds selected for the formation of Black Terrier typy group were characterized by certain qualities which combination should have had the dog of new breed.

What were those breeds representing?

Riesenschnauzer was created as working and protecting dog, but he is adapted for the work in the middle climate: he is active, agile and has exploding and energetic character. Due to his tough hair and rather large size he was corresponding to the given problem.

Airedale Terrier was created as farm and hunting dog. He has tough hair, thick undercoat and such qualities of hunting dogs as excellent flair, adventurousness and perfect ability to orientate themselves in the locality. Airedale Terrier is not big, he was created for the otters haunting and was not only chasing for them but also climbed fearlessly into any hidings where he could find his enemies (otters or rats).

Rottweiler is an ancient breed which was accompanied the herds of cattle and meat baggages through the roads of Germany during many decades before the railways have appeared. The roads were far from safe in the Middle ages and long after and strong, powerful, very faithful dog protected the owner’s property and his life. Hardy, strong, ready to overcome great physical activities Rottweiler didn’t have the hair warm enough for our climate.

Such the main breeds were. Besides them Moscow Great Dane and even Russian Hound contributed their part in appearance of Black Terriers, as far as archive materials allow us to judge. Though their blood’s share is miserable.

The first generation population of Black Terriers was exposed in 1955 with the help of Central Military Dog School. The specialists of School got gold medal for the work over the breed that considered prestigious and honorable at that time and Red star kennel was awarded a special diploma of Show. In 50th the Red star kennel was very closely collaborated with Clubs service dog breeding and sold the good fair puppies to the dog breeders for purely nominal price on request of those clubs.

In 1958 at Union Dog Show of  guarding and hunting dogs there were already presented 43 Black Terriers. The breed group was recognized a very promising one, it attracted the attention of many dog breeders which were not familiar with it earlier. Multi Year winning march of Black Russian Terriers through the cities of Soviet Union began with this event.

The same year the first standard of Black Terrier breed group was published in book “Manual on training and application of military dogs”. This gave an opportunity for the specialists to begin working on the standardization of population. The work under the breed group became more focused and hard.

However when Central Military Dog School paid attention primarily to the traits of character, mentality, working qualities of population, then amateur dog breeders advocated first of all for the beauty of their pets. And at the beginning of 70th in the city of Leningrad there was for the first time created a trimming circuit of Black Terriers. It is need to be mentioned that preference by the professionals of “Red Star” was given to wire haired dogs with a little overgrown. But coarse wooled and long haired Black Terriers that looked a little bit decorative though more attractive than wire haired, short haired and smooth haired dogs gained the greatest expansion and later full recognition.  

Till the end of 70th more than 800 litters were already received, the total quantity of puppies that were corresponding to the standard was higher than 4000. Though officially Black Terriers were not called a breed yet but a breed group.

Soon Black Terriers began to spread quickly across Europe and were called not otherwise than Black Russian Terrier. In 80th Black Terriers became participants in large international dog shows where they have taken tremendous success. In 1981 Black Terrier recognized as separate breed. The first standard was approved on the 13th of May 1981 by the decree №19 of Public Institution of Nature of Ministry of Agriculture USSR.