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Black Russian Terrier,Chornyi,Terrier Noir Russe,Russian Bear Schnauzer,Black Terrier,Tchiorny Terrier

In the 1960s, Soviet dog fanciers wished to create their own breed of large working terrier. Using mainly Giant Schnauzers crossed with Airedales, Rottweilers and other breeds, they fashioned a big, agile, tough and weather-resistant dog. It is interesting to note that in times past, the Giant Schnauzer was often called the Russian Bear Schnauzer, indicating the breed's widespread use in the USSR.

Type was fixed in a relatively short time and the Black Russian Terrier became widely known in its homeland. FCI has recently granted recognition to this newcomer. This international sanctioning denotes an established written standard and a stability and consistency of breed characteristics.

Many Black Russian Terriers are trained and used for professional guard work. They are large enough to be "manstoppers," with adequate coat to protect them from the Russian winters. But the majority of the breed are family pets. Black Russian Terriers are commonly seen in the larger urban areas, like Moscow and Leningrad, where they serve as companions and watchdogs. Although reliable with their masters, they are suspicious and have an active defense reaction. They are capable of being quite ferocious.

In appearance, they somewhat resemble an uncropped Giant, with a bit more bone and thickness of body as well as a wave to the coat, both gifts of their Airedale inheritance. Very few of the breed are found outside of its native land due to the fact the Soviets have banned its export.